THE GOODS:Live Hard,Sell Hard. (2009)

14 Sep

A smooth-talking jack-of-all-trades attempts to save
a struggling car dealership from certain bankruptcy
in this comedy starring Jeremy Piven, directed by Chappelle’s Show.

Rotten Tomatoes, Tomatometer: 26%

Metacritic, metascore: 36 out of 100

Despite getting low ratings, it delivers some good laugh, not a surprise, Jeremy Piven character works really well on him, same goes with all other main casts here. I watched this right after i watched some bad show that i don’t think worth to share and it get me right back on my good mood, and if you’re a sales man and you watch this you know you wanna be just like Don Ready, he got the goods, he sells it, hell he even gets the girl. I kinda liked the script, let me share some of the best scene/lines from the movie.


BABS – What are you doing, honey?

DON- Enjoying myself.

STEWARDESS [STACEY] – Sir, there’s no smoking on airplanes.

DON – I know. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Don’t worry about it, I’ll be quick.

STWARDESS [STACEY] – Sir, if you light that, I’ll have to report you to the FAA.  

DON – Stacey, do you know when the first commercial flight went smokeless?


DON – 1973.And did you know that in 1969, when smoking was allowed on all flights,we put a man on the moon?  

STEWARDESSI had no idea.

 DON Look.[don, pointing at the armrest ashtray] You know what that is? That’s a remnant of a better time, but they welded it shut. And it starts with ashtrays, and it ends with all of  our being stripped away. I remember back in the day when you got on and you knew you were in for a good time. A little smoking, a little drinking.

JIBBY – Yeah.

DON – And the stewardesses. Stacey, you come from a proud tradition of blazing hot stewardesses. And now you can’t do one damn thing without someone reporting you to the Department of Homeland Security. Am I right?

JIBBY AND THE REST – That’s right.

BRENT – You listen to Don.

DON – I had to take my pants off and nibble my Old Spice down to three ounces just to get on the plane, Stacey.

STEWARDESS [STACEY] – They made me throw out my mouth wash.

BRENT – I had to give up my bath jellies.

BABS – They made me breastfeed some old man.

DON – That’s what I’m talking about. But we don’t have to take it, Stacey. Like Henry David Thoreau and Rosa Parks and David Lee Roth when he left Van Halen, we can say, “Enough. Enough injustice.” And when you and I are old and gray,we can look back on this and remember when we were 30,000 feet above God’s green earth, and we smoked one, we smoked one for America.


STEWARDESS [STACEY] – You motherfucker.

PASSANGERS – Nice work. Nice work.

STEWARDESS [STACEY] – Who are you?

DON – I’m Don Ready, and I got the goods.


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