Water (2005)

1 Oct


No this is not another typical Hindi/Bollywood movie, as a matter of  fact this is far cry from the normal hindi movie that played on our tv, it is a story of the fate of widowed women in india sets in ther of 1938. this film was so controversy that the production have to change their filming location from india to sri lanka. i’m not surprised watching it made me feel humble and at the same time disdain…sometimes i wonder, who wrote this kind of laws..is it men, why does women have to become slave even after their husbands death…watch this and you’ll understand. Thanks to Lisa Ray and John Abraham good looks made me motivated to watch this movie.

Narayana: No, i’m not married

Kalyani: good god! why not?

Narayana: My father says, chilhood is time for play, not for marriage
Kalyani: and your mother?

Narayana: If she had her way,i’d have a daughter as old as Chuyia.

Kalyani: your mother’s right, That’s how things are.

Narayana: that’s how thigs were, times are changing.
All the old traditions are dying out.

Kalyani: But what is good should not die out.

Narayana: And who will decide …..what is good and what is not?

Kalyani: You!

BHAGAVATI: Why are widows sent here.
there must be a reason for it

NARAYANa:  One less mouth to feed,
Four saris saved,
One bed,
and a corner is saved in the family home,

There is no reason why you are here.
Disguised as religion, it’s just about money.


3 Responses to “Water (2005)”

  1. Caroline Chan October 1, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    It must be good. Let me watch it k.

  2. maryrichardson October 21, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    Oh, I love this movie! The story is so interesting and not a little sad, but the cinematography is so beautiful! I sometimes think about that rain falling in love scene.

    • ladolcerita November 1, 2010 at 2:27 am #

      hi Mary thanks for dropping by,
      hard to belie that theres other ppl watching the same movie as i did, most of ppl that i know have no clue about this movie, the rain and dog scene is my fave,
      it was shot in a beautiful temple in Sri Lanka, watching it makes me desired so much to explore india and Sri Lanka, i’m sure both of them listed on your next trip.

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