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For the love of Coffee.

12 Oct

I have finally found my self a good deal for the 9 cup Bialetti Stove Top Espresso Maker, yes i lost the bid on e-bay on my attempt to get a better deal, i also tried to find it on other on-line shopping site but to no avail, the original price here is around RM170 to 150 but in search of a cheaper price i forgot that i have a few friends who still work at Starbucks until Cary reminded me. Ati gave me her employee discount and introduced me to a wonderful new coffee ICED COFFEE BLEND, all and all it cost me RM117.60 it’s really a bargain, i hope this post will not get her in trouble for giving me an employee disc. for a return i’ll do some free advertisement for Starbucks :).

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For those who in search of good coffee fix at your own comfortable home, stove top espresso maker is the next best thing after the Espresso machine, Of course it’s a cheaper choice, easy to use and easy to clean but most importantly it’s produce a good cup of coffee, this a common way of making espresso at home and most italians use the same method, using a stove top espresso maker.  Coffee experts claims that the stove top espresso makers and the electric/commercial espresso makers produce espresso of equal quality but different characteristics. Neither is superior technically, rather it is matter of taste or variety you prefer at the time, so i am sure to have a good cuppa every morning with this. The Bialetti brand itself is an Italian brand and Italian made so i’m not hesitant with the result during my purchase.

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How To Use The Stove Top Coffee Maker.

  1. Remove the top part of the espresso maker (unscrew anti-clockwise)
  2. Remove the filter funnel insert.
  3. Fill the lower part of the stove top with cold fresh water (do not past the safety valve).
  4. Fill the filter funnel with ground espresso coffee.
  5. Put the filter funnel back into the lower part of the espresso maker.
  6. Screw the top part back onto the lower part firmly (don’t force).
  7. Place the espresso maker onto stove top (boil setting), keep the flame low to med low heat the whole time let the pot work in about 5 min.
  8. Remove the espresso from stove top immediately once the top part is full with coffee (careful, the espresso maker is hot)
  9. Enjoy the freshly brewed espresso or coffee

*tips: Don’t let the Espresso pot sit long on the stove. It’s best to take it off immediately after espresso is done.

Now isn’t that easy, you don’t have to be ripped you pocket every time you need a coffee fix, it took you less than 10 min to get it done and served.

I did mentioned about a wonderful coffee introduced by my good friend that working at Starbucks, she’s not a heavy coffee drinker but when the first time she tried this coffee it’s like love at the first sight (according to her lah) since it’s free (to compliment my Bialetti purchase) i took and tried it and to my surprise, she was right it tasted really good. the usually coffee Starbucks always served as Iced Coffee is Kenya Blend and that is the best iced coffee beans ever it’s my favorite but this beans over top it.

Ice Coffee blend is a medium blend coffee beans, and have a very refreshing citrusy taste, every sip is perfectly balanced and caramelly smooth. the most favorite thing about this coffee is it’s very easy to make and serve, you can use neither stove top or coffee press it works best both methods, i usually brewed any desired amount of ground coffee and a small amount of cold water and just poured the fresh brewed coffee onto a cup filled with half ice cubes let it melt and add some more ice cubes and it’s done, i like it with some sugar syrup, sweetened or not both ways is pleasant.

Having a nice meal with my own freshly brewed coffee.

Having a nice meal with my own freshly brewed coffee.

This coffee is perfect on a hot day, if you are looking for a refreshing and a wake up drinks this beans is definitely for you, it’s also doesn’t have a strong overwhelmed taste suitable for a beginner coffee drinker. ICED COFFEE BLEND is available at any local Starbucks stores cost RM 38.00.

But this coffee is best served chilled, as i tried it in a different ways, hot and with milk, it doesn’t give the same compliment as it’s served chilled, so in conclusion ICED COFFEE BLEND is best served chilled and chilled alone, for a hot coffee drinker there’s so many other beans choices for you out there it’s only the matter of time for me to discover it, experiment it and post it here for your reading pleasure.


This dedicated to all the bad Barista’s in the world, get a new job you suck at making coffee.

29 Sep

It really pisses me off when i’m craving for a good cup of strong latte and ended up getting a shitty ones, what’s the worth of my RM11.50 for a double shot latte? nothing it’s like giving it to charity on the name of  Mr. Dustbin Bin Tong Sampah, it taste bland like drinking a spoil milk with an expired shots and they called that a designer coffee place, even canned nescafe taste better that this atleast that only cost me RM2. I’m not talking about any specific brand here  Starbucks, Coffee Beans, Gloria Jeans, San Francisco Coffee they’re all the same why can’t you guys trained your Barista properly and hired a better person who can do the job right? didn’t you know you are wasting customers money?

One of my previous jobs was a Barista at Starbucks, that’s explains my addiction to coffee, it was a heavenly days when i can get my daily coffee fix for free but as a popular quotes says “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” now i really missed it and every time i spend my precious dime on a cup of coffee i felt it very burdening especially when the barista that serves me end up serving me a bad coffee, yes i’m a fussy  and complicated coffee drinker and most of the barista out there can’t make a shit of a good coffee, it’s not like it’s a damn rocket science, they just don’t have enough pride of becoming a barista, what’s the point of having a high tech expensive coffee machine if you can’t even provide a good latte’s to your customer, they think handling a coffee machine is like handling a vending machine  WRONG!! making a coffee is like an art, the temperature, the portion of beans and milk must be right, if the milk is too hot you’ll get a bland coffee, you gotta treat the milk with respect people!!! not the old steam milk that have been outside of  the counter for ages and re-use it again, use the new chilled milk for every cup, didn’t the trainer teach you that!!  every cup of it gives pleasure to the drinker so if you whipup a damn good of coffee the drinker definately appreciate your fine artwork.  sometimes i wish i can go behind the counter and make my own, sshhesss i missed the good old days.

I’m getting my self a Bialetti and make my own coffee now.

p/s: To all the shitty barista’s in the world,  you suck at making coffee, get a new job so you could stop wasting people’s money.