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M.I.A, Where have i gone missing?

10 Nov

Hmm.. it’s been a while since i last updated my blog, when first started i promised my self not to neglect it because i easily get distracted, once i stop updating even for a lil’ while, it’s easily for me to lose interest , so for the past weeks i’ve been forcing my self to update it but due to  few obstacles (work+family+sickness+errands+laziness) i failed to do so, until now.

Here’s are some things i did during my missing not so in action periods.

I went back to Malacca for a short holiday, no i’m not a Malaccan i’m a pure K.L  town girl born and grew up in K.L but since i know Cary shes have been the bestest friend in the universe for me (like i have any alien category friends) we’re very close, i basically know her entire family from her mom, grand parents, uncle, aunties, cousins, even her neighbours and most of them know me too, cary is very blessed with a caring and loving Peranakan family, they were all very kind-hearted to this Malay girl, and i feel very lucky to know them, each times when i joined her relatives for makan session they will choose a halal joint just because they wanted me to join them, they are really sweet people, that’s why i mentioned “i went back to Malacca” instead of “i went to Malacca” the place have been like a home to me it doesn’t feel strange anymore whenever i’m there.

I came down Malacca specially to celebrate Nancy’s Kitchen 10 years Anniversary birthday bash, like i mentioned on my previous post, Aunty Nancy (Cary’s mum) is a proud owner of a well-known Peranakan restaurant in Malacca, i have a chance to make my short trip as a memorable ones by helping aunt Nancy to do some preparation and became the unofficial photographer for the function, i pretended to look busy snapping tons of photos, yes i’ll definitely update it on a specific post later.


Cary, Vera and me taking a break from our duty to camwhoring inside the restaurant, posing like an ad models holding a bakosia (peranakan basket) i'm a such a peranakan wannabe.

It’s was such a wonderful event so many people coming to congratulate aunt Nancy for her achievements, there is some unknown people crashing the function for the free food and beer but aunt Nancy was really cool about it. Check out my new nyonya kebaya i was forced to buy this specifically for the function, but well it’s about time for me to own one, cost me whooping Rm180 just for the top.

Aunt Nancy (owner of Nancy's Kitchen) with her good friend miss Tay.

Aunt Nancy (owner of Nancy's Kitchen) with her good friend Miss Tay

i wouldn’t miss taking advantage of the cheap and incredibly delicious food in Malacca, so indulging and pampering my tummy is always my main mission in Malacca.

this is just some of the food that i have, peranakan kuehs from Baba charlie stall, halal dim sum fare in Renaissance Hotel, and chainese food fare from dragon deluxe.

nyonya kuehs from Baba Charlie stall, halal dim sum fare at Renaissance Hotel, and chinese food fare at dragon deluxe yummy all memang best!!

I  gained 2 kg just from that trip, can a person really gained that much weight from all that eating trip in just 3 days?

oh before that trip i was forced by jenny to come up with a Halloween decoration at work and we made this gory looking mummy on just less that an hour using only limited office supplies, plastic, loads of news paper, and rolled tissue paper.


it looked more like a pocong than a mummy, huh i wished i have more time to add some ageing effect colouring to that mummy but that was good enough, thanx jenny for helping me.

Went back to my parents and spend time with my family, i had a great lunch at the new restaurant called Cozy Place located at Mangsa Maju,  great food with an english theme ambiance, very posh place to dine in. we opt for local dish really delicious you gotta try this place, thanx to my aunt Mak Tam for the treat.


one of the best butter prawns that i've had.

Refreshing lemon sorbet, gotta try the pina colada for my next visit, such a smooth texture for a sorbet.

Refreshing lemon sorbet, gotta try the pina colada for my next visit, such a smooth texture for a sorbet.


 started work as usual, back to the hard reality another week to go by and cant wait for my next off day.

Went to Pavillion, BSC and Sunway Pyramid on the weekends to do some light shopping, stumble in some funny and interesting stuff,

Sunawy Pyramid

edited xixili window

Took this photo from Xixili display window, notice the middle mannequin, looks like she smelling her underarm, hmm… doesn’t look sexy at all to me?


Giordano was my fave brand during my teenage years, it was colourful, simple and affordable brand, well like i said “it was”, looking at their latest design campaign, does that smiley icon looked “cheer up” to you? wasn’t that supposed to be a “dead icon”, that lame design cost RM40!! seriously, so unoriginal ok!!

dead_smiley_sticker-p217560802465223378qjcl_400[1]This is a proper “dead” icon even if you put a smile on it doesn’t change the message of the icon, because X on the eye means R.I.P got it.

edited bloop

This is rather interesting and a  lil bit funny, me and cary looking for a place to chill and have a light bite, i spotted this place and very excited to try, hoping for a nice dessert or cakes, from afar it does looked like a cafe’ but man we got duped, nothing there is edible it’s all just an illusion to tricked us to go there.


turns out that it was a cosmetic store, selling of course cosmetics, decorated candles and decorated towels that looked like food. shop called BLOOP. we totally got punked!!!, where’s Ashton hiding???

Pavilion KL

I spotted this Maybank ad, stare at it and got me thinking…..

edited mayabnk

Banks came out with more creative debt and flexible payments plans  now days, is it to benefit us or them? if we are not on debt, banks will call us to take one or more? are we working our asses off every month for ourself or for the bank? how much portions of our paycheck goes to pay debts than savings??? 30% 50% 80% sheesh!!! i really gotta cut back on my spending habit. Dear, bank seriously stop call me, i don’t want anymore debts with you guys, leave me alone, if i want debt i’ll look for you, ok!!

BTW i added that “pay forever” to be more dramatic, Maybank don’t sue me ok!!! 

Bangsar Shopping Centre. 


went to Espressamente Illy to try their espresso drinks, OMG this place is great, cool and posh ambience, skill full barista, i will write a full review about it soon together with the coffee art video demonstrated by their friendly good-looking baristas, thanx guys, for the great time, err… i mean for the great coffee experience.


Archie trying to play a piano, he noticed me staring at him giggling, he gives up and decided to sleep it off, oh how i wish my cat can play a piano, eh, help me pay, some bills lah freeloader!! Bubble waiting for a phone call?? that damn phone is not working lah.

Have a chillax session at home during my off days,a ccompanied by dozens of dvds and my furry friends, too tired to socialize, skipped cinema, still hasitated about Inglorious Basterd, should i watch it in cinema?? or should i wait for a better “option”, being patients usually paid off, so i’ll just wait lah.


I slept more than usual, preparing my self for hectic overtime weeks for end year, i hate working long hours, i already hate my job, i just doing it for the money, how long can i last doing things that i hate?? seriously i don’t know i wish i can just walk away from it but the world just dont work that way ok, in the mean time i just want to laze around sleeping on my lovely bed mistakenly my fluffy cat as a big soft comfortable pillow. Trouble, please just fade away, leave me alone jut for a lil while.


Selamat Hari Raya to all!!!(Eid Ul-Fitr Celebration)

21 Sep

I would like to wish to all muslim Selamat Hari Raya, this is the time where all the hard effort of fasting is partially paying off the rest and the biggest reward is of course a pahala (merit) from Allah, by meaning partially i mean is having an opportunity to indulge variety of good food and for some (especially kids) getting their yearly duit raya collection rewards from adults. Unlike other festivities celebration, Hari Raya celebration lasted for a month, so there is no need to rush going for visiting (reletives & friends) we have 1 month to do it.

This year my family celebrate Raya with moderation, having to moved in to a new renovated house a week before raya is a very tiring task, the house is still in a full mess even though we tried to make it presentable. well it does look presentable but through the close doors there is full of piling clothes and stuff, we’ll just have to wait untill raya ends and slowly we will pick things up and get it done, but the kids is still the happiest soul on the planet when it come to raya, this is the time when they gets to flaunt their brand new baju (clothes and dress)  and collecting duit raya at the same time, when the sun down and night falls fire work is the only thing that run through their minds, this is just a typical Malay tradition for raya celebration.

Before ending this post i would like to seek apologies to anyone whom i have offended and please accept my apologies if i have made any mistakes, maaf zahir dan batin dan selamat menyambut hari raya ini dengan penuh kesyukuran dan kegembiraan.

This is the photo of  my beloved family, my nieces and nephews excitedly celebrating hari raya at thier new so-called-kampung.

1) the sister is helping the brother fixing his sampin 2) one of the many variety of Raya dishes, Nasi beriyani 3) eating while minding the duit raya falling off from his pockets 3) the kids excitedly counting their fasting rewards, duit raya

1) the sister is helping the brother fixing his sampin 2) one of the many variety of Raya dishes, Nasi beriyani 3) eating while minding the duit raya falling off from his pockets 3) the kids excitedly counting their fasting rewards, duit raya

Big thank to my Uncle and his sons

14 Sep

It’s been such a long weekend, i have been very busy with Raya (Eid Aidilfitri) preparation plus work have taken most of my energy lately and i have no idea why, i usually slept for 6-7 hours and the most luxurious sleep i usualy have is  8 hours and after 8 hours i will forced my self to get up no matter how tired or sleep i am, i just hate it when i get up from bed and realise that my sleep have taken most of my day, some of my friends said that i’ve been cheating my fasting process by having my beauty sleep but hey!! i gotta work you don’t expect me not to sleep and go to work at the same time.

My family home is finally finish renovating ,the construction worked has stoped and it’s time for us to move in, yes i know moving in during fasting month it’s crazy right!! i thought so to but since there’s so many delays and the moving date have been pushed forward for multiple times now, and Raya is just a week away, and heck no we’re not going to have raya celebration at that ugly-stinking-rented-about-to-collapsed house, so we started moving in slowly on saturday and doing the heavy lifting on sunday. Thanks to the late night movie (Rambo4) i ended sleeping late at 3am and woke up at almost 10….da*n the sun is up, now i have to work when the sun is up glaring hot on top of my head. we’re so lucky that my uncle and his sons is there to help us with the heavy lifting, to Pak Uda, Haidar and dik wan (whose already a grown up young adults now) thank you very much for helping for us, we would have been in a lots of  headache and body ache if you guys not there.

the guys doing the heavy lifting

the guys doing the heavy lifting

Mum’s Laksa is the best.

13 Aug

Last Wednesday was my off day going back to mum’s to finish off some errands with Cary, around Setapak area. I live around there, i grew up and goes to school around there too so Setapak is pretty much my turf . I went there to find Fly killer for Cary’s mum (Nancy’s Kitchen restaurant) found the place, bought it and left. Just an ordinary day except that i don’t have to worry much about sleep because i don’t have to work that night yahoo!! i feel my mind is free like a bird, so i’m taking my day very slow and easy i did some grocery shopping at carrefour, we planned to cook something spacial for dinner, lately i find that i have been spending a lot on groceries, i went groceries shopping as much as 6 times a month, i must stop wasting $$$ for things i don’t eat or use must stop must stop.

Add lots of cili padi and vegetable condiments and squirt some lime juice to make it a perfect lunch

Add lots of cili padi and vegetable condiments and squirt some lime juice to make it a perfect lunch

Every time i go back to mum’s my priority errands is to send or fetch my niece and nephew from or to school, my mum’s is a homemaker so she did that but if i’m around i will help her. Me and cary was very lucky that day because mum’s planned to cook her glorious laksa yay!! i was very happy so i get my errands done quickly and hurried back to home. Mum’s laksa is the best the laksa gravy is very thick and rich with fish,  she always makes it simple because not all of my family can take spicy food especially my niece and nephews so the gravy was purposely lack i spicy taste but i always add lots of cili padi, the hotter the better.

One thing that makes mum’s laksa is different is the condiments, not a big secret tough, but my mum always add extra condiments such as shredded pineapple, fried shallot and the leftover oil from the fried shallots, the oil from fried shallots makes the gravy more tasty. i’m gonna stop describing it now because it will makes hungry and regretted that i’d wish i had more. but it’s was lovely to be back home and have my favourite dish with my family, thanks mum.

Cary enjoys it too/ photo is a bit lame cozi took it using LGks360 phone

Cary enjoys it too/ photo is a bit lame cozi took it using LGks360 phone

One of the first things in my life

29 Jul

I always wanted to write a journal about my self, just something details about my life that i can track back the moment and then relived the memory again whenever i read it. But sadly i’m not dicipline enough and very easily destracted by doing other things than consistently penning down the so called memoir of my life.

Blogging, however is something interesting and fancy. i have been thinking to start blogging for quite a while now, but i just dont have a motivation to do it until now. Time has come for a change, and i need to do things that i have been putting off for far too long, this is not a journal or a memoir, it’s just something for me to write about my self.

This is a space where i get to write about anything , my interests, my obsessions, my experiences, things and people that i love, thoughts and opinions that i would like to share with anyone who have interest reading my blog. Hopefully by having this blog i would make lots of new friends also  getting my thoughts and opinions heard.

La Dolce Rita, is the blog name that i chose because of the meaning and its the name from the the famous glorious 60’s film called La Dolce Vita meaning (The Sweet Life), it’s a great film with the astounding view of italy. i will tried very very hard to consistently updating new post with diverse interesting topics and I hope you will find this blog useful, insightful and entertaining.

Thanks for reading,