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M.I.A, Where have i gone missing?

10 Nov

Hmm.. it’s been a while since i last updated my blog, when first started i promised my self not to neglect it because i easily get distracted, once i stop updating even for a lil’ while, it’s easily for me to lose interest , so for the past weeks i’ve been forcing my self to update it but due to  few obstacles (work+family+sickness+errands+laziness) i failed to do so, until now.

Here’s are some things i did during my missing not so in action periods.

I went back to Malacca for a short holiday, no i’m not a Malaccan i’m a pure K.L  town girl born and grew up in K.L but since i know Cary shes have been the bestest friend in the universe for me (like i have any alien category friends) we’re very close, i basically know her entire family from her mom, grand parents, uncle, aunties, cousins, even her neighbours and most of them know me too, cary is very blessed with a caring and loving Peranakan family, they were all very kind-hearted to this Malay girl, and i feel very lucky to know them, each times when i joined her relatives for makan session they will choose a halal joint just because they wanted me to join them, they are really sweet people, that’s why i mentioned “i went back to Malacca” instead of “i went to Malacca” the place have been like a home to me it doesn’t feel strange anymore whenever i’m there.

I came down Malacca specially to celebrate Nancy’s Kitchen 10 years Anniversary birthday bash, like i mentioned on my previous post, Aunty Nancy (Cary’s mum) is a proud owner of a well-known Peranakan restaurant in Malacca, i have a chance to make my short trip as a memorable ones by helping aunt Nancy to do some preparation and became the unofficial photographer for the function, i pretended to look busy snapping tons of photos, yes i’ll definitely update it on a specific post later.


Cary, Vera and me taking a break from our duty to camwhoring inside the restaurant, posing like an ad models holding a bakosia (peranakan basket) i'm a such a peranakan wannabe.

It’s was such a wonderful event so many people coming to congratulate aunt Nancy for her achievements, there is some unknown people crashing the function for the free food and beer but aunt Nancy was really cool about it. Check out my new nyonya kebaya i was forced to buy this specifically for the function, but well it’s about time for me to own one, cost me whooping Rm180 just for the top.

Aunt Nancy (owner of Nancy's Kitchen) with her good friend miss Tay.

Aunt Nancy (owner of Nancy's Kitchen) with her good friend Miss Tay

i wouldn’t miss taking advantage of the cheap and incredibly delicious food in Malacca, so indulging and pampering my tummy is always my main mission in Malacca.

this is just some of the food that i have, peranakan kuehs from Baba charlie stall, halal dim sum fare in Renaissance Hotel, and chainese food fare from dragon deluxe.

nyonya kuehs from Baba Charlie stall, halal dim sum fare at Renaissance Hotel, and chinese food fare at dragon deluxe yummy all memang best!!

I  gained 2 kg just from that trip, can a person really gained that much weight from all that eating trip in just 3 days?

oh before that trip i was forced by jenny to come up with a Halloween decoration at work and we made this gory looking mummy on just less that an hour using only limited office supplies, plastic, loads of news paper, and rolled tissue paper.


it looked more like a pocong than a mummy, huh i wished i have more time to add some ageing effect colouring to that mummy but that was good enough, thanx jenny for helping me.

Went back to my parents and spend time with my family, i had a great lunch at the new restaurant called Cozy Place located at Mangsa Maju,  great food with an english theme ambiance, very posh place to dine in. we opt for local dish really delicious you gotta try this place, thanx to my aunt Mak Tam for the treat.


one of the best butter prawns that i've had.

Refreshing lemon sorbet, gotta try the pina colada for my next visit, such a smooth texture for a sorbet.

Refreshing lemon sorbet, gotta try the pina colada for my next visit, such a smooth texture for a sorbet.


 started work as usual, back to the hard reality another week to go by and cant wait for my next off day.

Went to Pavillion, BSC and Sunway Pyramid on the weekends to do some light shopping, stumble in some funny and interesting stuff,

Sunawy Pyramid

edited xixili window

Took this photo from Xixili display window, notice the middle mannequin, looks like she smelling her underarm, hmm… doesn’t look sexy at all to me?


Giordano was my fave brand during my teenage years, it was colourful, simple and affordable brand, well like i said “it was”, looking at their latest design campaign, does that smiley icon looked “cheer up” to you? wasn’t that supposed to be a “dead icon”, that lame design cost RM40!! seriously, so unoriginal ok!!

dead_smiley_sticker-p217560802465223378qjcl_400[1]This is a proper “dead” icon even if you put a smile on it doesn’t change the message of the icon, because X on the eye means R.I.P got it.

edited bloop

This is rather interesting and a  lil bit funny, me and cary looking for a place to chill and have a light bite, i spotted this place and very excited to try, hoping for a nice dessert or cakes, from afar it does looked like a cafe’ but man we got duped, nothing there is edible it’s all just an illusion to tricked us to go there.


turns out that it was a cosmetic store, selling of course cosmetics, decorated candles and decorated towels that looked like food. shop called BLOOP. we totally got punked!!!, where’s Ashton hiding???

Pavilion KL

I spotted this Maybank ad, stare at it and got me thinking…..

edited mayabnk

Banks came out with more creative debt and flexible payments plans  now days, is it to benefit us or them? if we are not on debt, banks will call us to take one or more? are we working our asses off every month for ourself or for the bank? how much portions of our paycheck goes to pay debts than savings??? 30% 50% 80% sheesh!!! i really gotta cut back on my spending habit. Dear, bank seriously stop call me, i don’t want anymore debts with you guys, leave me alone, if i want debt i’ll look for you, ok!!

BTW i added that “pay forever” to be more dramatic, Maybank don’t sue me ok!!! 

Bangsar Shopping Centre. 


went to Espressamente Illy to try their espresso drinks, OMG this place is great, cool and posh ambience, skill full barista, i will write a full review about it soon together with the coffee art video demonstrated by their friendly good-looking baristas, thanx guys, for the great time, err… i mean for the great coffee experience.


Archie trying to play a piano, he noticed me staring at him giggling, he gives up and decided to sleep it off, oh how i wish my cat can play a piano, eh, help me pay, some bills lah freeloader!! Bubble waiting for a phone call?? that damn phone is not working lah.

Have a chillax session at home during my off days,a ccompanied by dozens of dvds and my furry friends, too tired to socialize, skipped cinema, still hasitated about Inglorious Basterd, should i watch it in cinema?? or should i wait for a better “option”, being patients usually paid off, so i’ll just wait lah.


I slept more than usual, preparing my self for hectic overtime weeks for end year, i hate working long hours, i already hate my job, i just doing it for the money, how long can i last doing things that i hate?? seriously i don’t know i wish i can just walk away from it but the world just dont work that way ok, in the mean time i just want to laze around sleeping on my lovely bed mistakenly my fluffy cat as a big soft comfortable pillow. Trouble, please just fade away, leave me alone jut for a lil while.


Bad Ass Coffee, Take a kick ass sip of it.

19 Oct

There is a new cool coffee hangout in town with damn cool name, but to some people it sounds nasty? some said obscene? some questioned how the heck they got the name approved to use it here? but to me it sounds cool.

Bad Ass Coffee, nope it’s definitely not serving coffee that coming from a donkey ass (like luwak coffee), i have asked and assured of that everything served here is edible and drinkable, the first store located at GF Tropicana shopping mall.

It’s originated from Hawaii the land of the hula dance and many breath taking beaches, we’re all always dreamed to go there but perhaps this is the only and closest way for us to experience Hawaii. I first spotted the place during my visit at Tropicana mall me and Cary is looking for a place to have a drink and a small bite while waiting for “cloudy with a chance of a meatball” to start. The name and the logo mascot made us very eager to have a try.

The front of the shop, The cozy couch arean (non-smoking), free wifi available here, the haven place for smokers comes with flat tv.

The front of the shop, The cozy couch area (non-smoking), free wi-fi available here, the haven place for smokers comes with flat tv.

I bet you who wondered why “Bad Ass”, have they run out of idea? well i did have a small chat with one of the friendly staff over there, Mr. Kamil eagerly approached me and explained more about the place and some of their specialised coffee, the well known Hawaiian grown Kona Coffee, we’ll get to that later. Back to the name, a very long time ago when car or even road was exist donkey was the main transporter of the coffee beans which they called it the “Bad Ass ones” in honor of these working hard donkeys they named it after them. Interesting huh! the donkey on their logo really reminded  me of a character from Shrek, yeah you got it the foul-mouthed one DONKEY!!.

The Bad Ass legend story

The Bad Ass legend story

For the ice blended fans they have several interesting choices here, not another boring mocha stuff like those normal coffee chains have, I wouldn’t miss my favorite flavour drinks made with Irish Creme syrup which hardly offered in other cafe’s, Jitter Juice hot coffee in 12oz (s) cost 12.50 this drink is a little bit too sweet for me if i just drink it like that but if i add extra shot or request for less syrup i think it’ll taste great, and for Cary she choose iced Monkey Mocha a combination of coffee and banana 16oz (r) cost rm 13.50, to us coffee and mocha is a good comb, similar like choc and banana it just have a bitter taste presence to it, their iced drinks is a must try and very special because they use coffee ice cubes, it made a lot of difference in taste especially when you let the drinks sit out for a while it doesn’t get diluted but the drinks gets a stronger coffee taste, this really good for a strong coffee lover.

Iced monkey mocha with coffee ice cubes, hot drinks cup, the refreshing chicken salad, iced drinks cup with bad ass legend story.

Iced monkey mocha with coffee ice cubes, hot drinks cup, the refreshing chicken salad, iced drinks cup with bad ass legend story.

There is also various types of food to choose here to enjoy with your coffee, and if you fancy to have lunch, lunch sets is available, i had a chance to try the chicken salad rm8.90 for a quick bite, it’s nothing to shout about, just a simple mixed green salad leaves with a french dressing and topped with generous portion of grilled chicken it’s enough to compliment our coffee.

100% Kona coffee, some of the flavoured coffee beans Hula Pie and Butter Toffy Rum, and Peaberry.

100% Kona coffee, some of the flavoured coffee beans Hula Pie and Butter Toffy Rum, and Peaberry.

This is the only place that i know so far that offered a 100% Kona Coffee i mean the pure original ones that grown from Hawaiian soil itself, Kona coffee is one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world and at Bad Ass it’ll cost you RM129 per bag, yeah i know this must be a really good stuff, not like other coffee place which mostly sell the Kona Blend that which usually contain 10%Kona coffee and 90% cheaper imported beans, i’ve tried Kona blend before but not the 100% original ones so looking forward to it till my next visit. fascinating types of flavoured coffee beans can be found on their merchandise rack, Hula Pie and Butter Toffy Rum coffee beans already caught my attention even the sounds of it have made me drooling writing this, a must try next  time.

Bad Ass Merchandise and coffee beans rack, Bar and pick up area, outside sitting (smoking).

Bad Ass Merchandise and coffee beans rack, Bar and pick up area, outside sitting (smoking).

According to my conversation with Mr. Kamil the management has planned to open 60 stores nationwide in 6 years, i’ll have to say that’s a very ambitious move but hey that doesn’t mean it can’t be done even Starbucks (dominant marketing strategy) takes 5 years to open 100 stores nationwide this could be a good positive competition for other branded coffee chains for local market, i really hope Bad Ass would be my new favorite place to search for good cuppa and hoping it wouldn’t turned out to be like some other coffee chains who don’t care about product quality and ended up serving bad coffee. It’s still early to say, Malaysians have a lot to learn about coffee especially for those who standing behind bars and making coffee need to change their mind sets that coffee-making is more like an art than a job, take a pride of it.

This dedicated to all the bad Barista’s in the world, get a new job you suck at making coffee.

29 Sep

It really pisses me off when i’m craving for a good cup of strong latte and ended up getting a shitty ones, what’s the worth of my RM11.50 for a double shot latte? nothing it’s like giving it to charity on the name of  Mr. Dustbin Bin Tong Sampah, it taste bland like drinking a spoil milk with an expired shots and they called that a designer coffee place, even canned nescafe taste better that this atleast that only cost me RM2. I’m not talking about any specific brand here  Starbucks, Coffee Beans, Gloria Jeans, San Francisco Coffee they’re all the same why can’t you guys trained your Barista properly and hired a better person who can do the job right? didn’t you know you are wasting customers money?

One of my previous jobs was a Barista at Starbucks, that’s explains my addiction to coffee, it was a heavenly days when i can get my daily coffee fix for free but as a popular quotes says “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” now i really missed it and every time i spend my precious dime on a cup of coffee i felt it very burdening especially when the barista that serves me end up serving me a bad coffee, yes i’m a fussy  and complicated coffee drinker and most of the barista out there can’t make a shit of a good coffee, it’s not like it’s a damn rocket science, they just don’t have enough pride of becoming a barista, what’s the point of having a high tech expensive coffee machine if you can’t even provide a good latte’s to your customer, they think handling a coffee machine is like handling a vending machine  WRONG!! making a coffee is like an art, the temperature, the portion of beans and milk must be right, if the milk is too hot you’ll get a bland coffee, you gotta treat the milk with respect people!!! not the old steam milk that have been outside of  the counter for ages and re-use it again, use the new chilled milk for every cup, didn’t the trainer teach you that!!  every cup of it gives pleasure to the drinker so if you whipup a damn good of coffee the drinker definately appreciate your fine artwork.  sometimes i wish i can go behind the counter and make my own, sshhesss i missed the good old days.

I’m getting my self a Bialetti and make my own coffee now.

p/s: To all the shitty barista’s in the world,  you suck at making coffee, get a new job so you could stop wasting people’s money.

POPILLA: the new Tex-Mex snack at Ikano

28 Aug

Last Wednesday me and Cary went to try a new Tex-Mex food for break fast at Ikano powerhouse, this place is very new it’s just a small store serving few traditional Mexican food like Taco’s, Burritos, Quesadilla and most popular Mexican snack Nachos. Nothing much to shout about because this place is just serving simple snack i don’t even think it have the original taste of a Mexican food, but the price is very reasonable you should try their nachos it does taste good not too shabby for a rm4.50 snack.

promotional flyers

promotional flyers

I’m a big fan of Mexican food and it’s kinda hard to find a good Mexican food in kl and of course there is a good Mexican restaurant around after all this is KL city right, we have every type of food and culture here but for a good food in KL you gotta spend quite a bomb, but in Poppilla things is kinda cheap for me even though it doe’s not taste 100% original it’s the next best thing. I recommended the Popi Beef Burritos or Taco’s, the beef have a very nice taste of usual Mexican spices and herbs if i’m not mistaken it’s cumin, the Popi beef is the best filling comparing to the southwest chicken and the grilled chicken, as for the Tuna and Salmon filling we all know that’s sooo.. not Mexican. Overall i kinda like this place and will definitely come again from time to time for a quick snack after all it’s nearby my place.

The small outlet, The nachos, Popi Beef Tacos, Southwest Chic Burrito.
The small outlet, The nachos, Popi Beef Tacos, Southwest Chic Burrito.

P/S: please least expect for fast service, the limited space makes the fast service is almost possible especially during peak hour.

Canned Starbucks DOUBLE SHOT

26 Aug

I used to worked at Starbucks as a brista for several years, making coffee is one of the best jobs i’ve did and drinking my own made cup of coffee is even better, sadly after several years i have to made a career change, boredom and craving for more $$$ made me decided to change job but deep down in me being a barista is the best jobs so far i’ve had. Every barista have their own favorite drinks and i have few, and one of it is Starbucks Iced Shaken Double Shot.

Espresso Con Panna and Espresso Doppio just a small can cost rm12 each

Espresso Con Panna and Espresso Doppio just a small can cost rm12 each

Our own local Starbucks used to have this on their beverage menu, that was years ago, i remembered meeting my old Starbucks colleague and asking for this drinks and she said there is no plan for comeback, too bad this is such a good drink, very strong sweet and most importantly refreshing. Luckily i have chance to have this fine beverage and relived my glorious Starbucks memory again,  but it’s not the original hand made Iced Shaken Double Shot it was a canned Double Shot beverage, i spotted it during my monthly grocery shopping at Village Grocer Bangsar last week and without hesitated  i grab 2 canned and throw it in my grocery basket, a can of Espresso Con Panna and a can of Espresso Doppio.

Imported from japan

Imported from japan

Knowingly well that it cost me 12 a can, i carefully crack open the can and pour it some in the cup, first i tried Espresso Con Panna, Con Panna is an italian word for cream so this is espresso with cream, it tasted almost the same as the original ones but lack of freshness, regular coffee drinker usually knows how fresh coffee taste like very different with canned coffee but then again anything canned is hardly fresh.

Espresso Con Panna taste refreshing, mild coffe drinker can have this because it's sweetned, too bad it's too costly.

Espresso Con Panna taste refreshing, mild coffe drinker can have this because it's sweetned, too bad it's too costly.

Espresso Doppio mean Double Espresso, this one is very very strong because it’s double shot and it’s not sweetened at all, i’m having a hard time finishing this can even if it’s a small can, it does keeps me awake the whole night. I don’t think i will be buying this beverage again it’s not the taste that repelled me but the price is, rm 12 for such a small drink and it’s not even freshly made, since i know the recipe and perfect way of making it i will try to make it on my own just have to wait to get my own Bialetti stove top coffee maker, this will produced great home made espresso similar like the ones you get at Starbucks, most Italians use this. i just have to wait until i win my bid at e-bay, the new ones cost rm189.

9cup Bialetti stove top coffee maker italian made, i' ve been hasitating to get this, trying to find cheaper ones from e-bay. it's on my b'day lists, Cary please take note :)

9cup Bialetti stove top coffee maker Italian made, i've been hesitating to get this, trying to find cheaper ones from e-bay. it's on my b'day lists, Cary please take note 🙂